550 with Mobile B-53 Drill Rig
Mikes Boring & Coring LLC

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E-Mail Address mikesbandc@myfairpoint.net 

Tripod Coring Rig

Operating Equipment:

Ford 550 With mobile B-53 Drill Rig                                                                          

Daewoo Solar 55 Excavator with Shop Built Drill Rig

Marooka with Mobile B-50 Drill Rig

Mobile B-40H Trailer/Skid Drill Rig

Tripod with Motorized Cat Head

Tripod Coring Rig

Acker Hillbillly Drill Rig

Small Hand Held Manual Powered Soil Sampler used for Inside work and Hard to get to Outdoor Sites

Wireline Core System for Rock Coring

Minuteman Drill
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